Recommendations - Feedback from Past and Current Parents and Students

I would like to recommend our daughter's exceptional math tutor, Daniel Mayeri. She began working with Daniel her Freshman year in High School, and continues to work him as a Senior. She had worked with two other tutors in the past and never found them to be at all helpful or supportive. Her experience with Daniel has been the opposite. Daniel has really identified her weaknesses and strengths in math and found a way to strengthen her skills and self confidence. He has helped her to understand the strategies for solving math problems, and the underlying concepts. She has never felt judged or inferior when struggling with challenging math assignments. Daniel is always positive and has an amazing way of keeping a student on task without stressing or frustrating them. Our daughter avoided math in the past and saw herself as incapable of succeeding in this domain. Daniel has really allowed her to overcome her negativity and anxiety. She has done exceptionally well throughout High School in each level of math, and we attribute this to Daniel's skill and support.
-Sheri M., Berkeley, CA

I highly recommend Daniel Mayeri as a math tutor. He taught my son in high school, and when I found out that he was doing private tutoring I asked him to work with my daughter who is now in high school. Daniel is passionate about math, and his passion helps kids to get interested in math. He has all kinds of strategies and techniques for teaching difficult concepts and working through complex problems. He also makes sure that the students understand why they are doing things rather than having them merely memorize how to get the answer. He has really helped build up my child's confidence in math and has even made her more interested in the subject.
-Barbara A., Berkeley, CA

I would enthusiastically recommend my daughter's math tutor Daniel Mayeri. My fourth grade daughter started working with Daniel shortly after the start of third grade. She was doing just fine in math at the time, but we felt she could be challenged to learn a bit more advanced material for her age. Daniel has been fantastic. Although most of Daniel's students are in high school, he has shown that he can work well with younger students. My daughter genuinely looks forward to her afternoon sessions with Daniel. Her confidence has increased tremendously. The sessions are rigorous but fun and relaxed. We plan to continue for the foreseeable future. We find Daniel to be extremely professional, and at the same time, terrific with kids and young people.
-Jenny K., Oakland, CA

I would like to highly recommend Daniel Mayeri as an excellent mathematics tutor. When I moved both of my teenage daughters to California last August (2010), we soon discovered that the kids were falling behind. It took me most of the first semester to find a tutor. My High School student was quickly approaching finals and she was completely lost. I called Daniel and explained our situation. He not only fit my daughter into his busy schedule but was able to cover the entire semester's work in three sessions prior to finals. The outcome was more than my daughter could have hoped for, through Daniels expert command of the subject and his ability to instill confidence she was able to get an A on her geometry final. Now both my daughters meet with Daniel once a week for maintenance and a clear explanation of the prior week's material.
-Chris A., Alameda, CA

When our high school daughter decided to take a class at Berkeley City College this summer, we were worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the advanced level college math. (She's always struggled with math at school, and her plan was to complete her high school math requirements over her junior summer so she wouldn't have to take math during her senior year.)

We decided to enlist the help of a math tutor and found Daniel Mayeri through Berkeley Parents Network. We were immediately impressed with Daniel's responsiveness to our questions and concerns. He had a comfortable rapport with our daughter, who met with him weekly for just the number of sessions she needed in order to feel confident about the subject matter and tests. Daniel offered the right balance of support -- continually assessing our daughter's skills as she progressed through the course and providing clear, relevant, and accessible scaffolding to ensure that she understood the material and could perform well on her tests. We feel really good about our choice to have our daughter work with Daniel -- and we're especially pleased that she got a B in the class!
-Carolyn P., Oakland, CA

We found out about Daniel by accident - a very lucky accident. I was on BART and saw a young lady with a math book similar to the one my son was using at summer school. I inquired if she was taking a summer course. She said no, but that she had this great tutor named Daniel Mayeri. My son had been looking for a tutor, and I told him about Daniel. My son gave him a try, and it has worked out splendidly. After the summer course ended, my son wished to continue to see Daniel, who is now helping him learn physics.
-Tom G., El Cerrito, CA